Chapter 2

How do I ensure my save file from Chapter 1 carries over to Chapter 2?

Completion data is generated when you see the credits of Chapter 1. (Go to sleep in your bed at the end of the game.)

I'm on a different computer from the one I played Chapter 1 with. Can I play Chapter 2?

You can play Chapter 2 without save data from Chapter 1. As long as you generally remember what happened story-wise, you'll be fine.

So is Chapter 2 the rest of the game? This is it!?

There are planned to be more chapters than Chapter 2. However, we've only completed Chapter 2 so far, so please be patient.

Questions About The Game

How does this game relate to UNDERTALE? Is it a sequel?

Please don't worry too much about that.
Essentially, this is not the world of UNDERTALE.
If you completed UNDERTALE, the ending and world are as you left it.
If everyone was happy there, the people in the UNDERTALE world will still be happy.
So, please don't worry about those characters, and that world. It will remain untouched.

To rephrase that, DELTARUNE's world is a different one.
With different characters, that have lived different lives.
A whole new story will happen...

I don't know what you call this kind of game.

It's just a game you can play after you complete UNDERTALE, if you want to.

That's all.

So there's no connections between the two games?

It's a different world that might even have different rules.

That doesn't mean there will be no connections at all though.

When will more chapters come out? There's only Chapter 1 right now.

I have no method of estimating that but at least several years.
Let's say 4000 years.
Actually, in the time of answering this question it went up to 4001 years.

Will you add anything else to the DEMO?

I don't think so.

It's possible Chapter 1 might receive some changes upon the release of the game, but I'm not sure.

How many endings are there?


Then doesn't that mean nothing I do matters?

There's something more important than reaching the end.

I found some kind of bug, will you fix it?

There's an e-mail you can send it to. You should probably mention what you were playing on.

I hid the e-mail address somewhere in this world.

See if you can find it.



Oh... I didn't hide it very well.

Will there be any more ports of the game?

I'll ask the people that do the ports for me.

(Goes into the other room and comes back)

OK I asked them and they said no.

Can I buy the soundtrack for Chapter 1?

Yes! You can buy it at Bandcamp and iTunes. And other forms of distribution will be in the works too.

Any closing remarks?

Thanks for playing my game. I hope you liked it.

For the past 3 years I've been waking up in the middle of the night unable to go back to sleep because I've been thinking about the scenes that happen in the game.

Even though so many details are still hazy,

I really want to show you the things I've been thinking about.

That's really my only reason for making this game.

If I don't show you what I'm thinking, I'll lose my mind.

By the way, I was really worried at first about making this.

The expectations for my next work would be really high, so high that I knew that no matter what I did, I felt like people would be underwhelmed.

If you played "UNDERTALE," I don't think I can make anything that replicates the exact feelings you had then.

However, it's possible I can make something else.

It's sort of simple but maybe you'll like it.

See you in ?? years... OK?

Don't forget.

Troubleshooting /
Known Issues


Windows Defender doesn't like this "SURVEY_PROGRAM"

Click "More Info" at the bottom and then "Run Anyway".

Can I full screen the game?

Press Alt+Enter or F4. But not Alt+F4.

I uninstalled the game and it deleted everything in the folder!

I'm sorry, that wasn't intentional. Make sure you install the game to its own folder with no other files.

Known Issues

There are two hearts on the screen! And I can move one of them around freely!

That's a glitch.

Does that mean there are two SOULs? Or that-

No, it's a glitch.

Other Questions

Will you offer DELTARUNE in any other languages?

I understand there are people in every language who would like to play the game. I will make an announcement if I plan to do a new language.

I would like to use DELTARUNE/UNDERTALE content for a class project, performance, etc.

Please email us with specific details.

You're forming a team? Can I join you in making DELTARUNE?

We are not looking for team members at this time so please don't ask.


If the FAQ and Troubleshooting guides couldn't help you, email technical support. Please keep in mind that all e-mails will be answered by Fangamer.

Include the following:

  • A description of the problem—what you see on screen, and what happened shortly before you encountered it
  • Your operating system or platform (Windows 7/8/10, macOS 10.14/etc, PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch)

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