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It's funny... there was a time when they were coming over almost every day.

We'd play, and we'd play... then after a while, they would suddenly get very still, like they were remembering something.

They'd go into the dining room to "get a snack," then after a few moments, I'd hear the piano.

The first few times, I went into watch them play, but when they realized I was looking, they'd always shut the piano and come back.

So over time, I just started staying on the couch in the living room. I'd lie there, listening to them play, sometimes for hours, sometimes even until I fell asleep.

Even then, what were they thinking about me?

Maybe they weren't thinking about me at all.

They didn't have a piano at their house, so they probably just came over to use mine.

Even then, with my eyes open, there were times when I wasn't even sure if we were friends.

But when I closed my eyes,

it felt like a concert just for me.