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Did anyone else wander around this screen as a kid?


The cross shaped maze in the ice area from Dragon Blazers. Once you go in it, no matter where you go, you'll always be brought back to the same room.

Normally one of the characters is supposed to guide you through the maze. But it became one of the most famous (or should I say infamous... XP) parts of the game because if you go there without that character, you'll get basically stuck... FOREVER.

The developers actually say something about this in the manual… It warns you this glitch is actually "one of the bad guy's magic spells"… Yeah XD... Sorry guys, I think you were just eating a little too much fruitcake when making this part of the game. XP

As a kid I had no idea that this was a glitch XD I literally spent hours on the screen wandering around thinking there was an exit!!


The thing is, there actually is one.

Somehow kid me was so stubborn, I think I went EVERY single possible direction somehow XD Then the last direction you go is up.

If you do that, you'll find a door that doesn't appear ANYWHERE else in the game.

This shocked me so much as a kid I screamed and pulled my controller so hard it unplugged the console XD I actually started crying… but I knew my mom would turn off the game if she heard me, so I held my breath and started hiccuping and gasping. I literally thought I was going to choke on my tears. It only made me cry more that I had to plug the game back in by myself. I was so scared that I would get electrocuted and die from the wires. I was actually always afraid of electrical sockets too because I thought they were looking at me XD (Come on I wasn't a weird kid I promise... XP I got over it after that)

So I started the game again, and with my hands shaking I went back into the maze.

But what's super weird, was that somehow, I was able to get RIGHT back to the door.

I was so happy I almosted started screaming again, but remembered to hold my breath halfway XD Now I was going to be able to see what was in the secret door…

Or so I thought XP It was locked. And I've never been able to find ANY key in the game that opens it.

Since then, I can actually get to the door pretty consistently if I concentrate.

Unfortunately I don't know exactly what I'm doing, and it feels different every time, so I can't give any advice XD

I know this sounds really really fake but if anyone ever figures out a way to open the door, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign my guestbook. I'll even put you in my hall of fame (you know, so there can be someone in it besides me XP)